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Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Clinic Secaucus, NJ

If you have been injured at the workplace, come to Agile Urgent Care for your workers’ compensation. At our clinic, we specialize in helping employees with workers’ compensation claims. Our professionals, Dr. Ramon Rego, MD, and his team will diagnose and treat you to help you regain your health and assist you in returning to work safely. Please contact us for more information or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Secaucus, NJ, and surrounding areas. We also offer telemedicine services.

Workers Compensation Clinic Near Me in Secaucus, NJ
Workers Compensation Clinic Near Me in Secaucus, NJ

Table of Contents:

What is workers’ compensation?
What makes you eligible for workers’ compensation?
How much does workers’ compensation cost to the employer?
What are the different types of benefits?

While the workplace is designed to maintain the health and safety of its workers, not all accidents can be avoided. Whether an object falls and hits someone on the head, or a vehicle collision occurs, some accidents and injuries are impossible to predict and can result in serious physical damage. Fortunately, Workers’ Compensation is designed to cover lost wages from missed work due to injury or illness related to work duties. Since its inception in the late nineteenth century, countless employees have benefited from its ability to provide monetary compensation for those who have been injured or became ill on the job.

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that provides benefits to employees who suffer an injury or illness while performing work-related duties. Specifically, workers’ compensation helps employees pay for medical care, helps them cover wages from lost work, and more. Workers’ compensation benefits vary by state. Workers’ compensation coverage also helps business owners protect their business, by covering employee illnesses and workplace injuries, protecting their business from lawsuits, and keeping their business compliant with state regulations.

What makes you eligible for workers’ compensation?

To receive benefits, five requirements must be met, including:

The injured worker must be classified as an employee—contractors and self-employed individuals do not qualify for workers’ compensation

The injured worker’s employer must have workers’ compensation insurance—if they do not, they will not receive any coverage

The injury must be work-related—if the injury occurred because of reasons not related to work, the injured worker will not receive coverage

The employee must meet reporting deadlines—reporting the injury is time-sensitive and is typically required within one to three days

The injured worker must attend medical appointments, examinations, and treatments—if these healthcare services are not met, the injured party could lose their benefits

How much does workers’ compensation cost to the employer?

The cost of workers’ compensation for employers is unique to each company and is determined based on several factors, including the Base Rate and the Total Payroll of Employees. The Base Rate is different for each industry, with higher rates for industries that have a higher risk of injury. The Base Rate is calculated as a percentage of $100 of employee payroll. For example, if the Base Rate for the construction industry is $14 (per $100 of employee payroll), and the employee makes $500 per week, the employer would pay $500 x 14% = $70 per week.

What are the different types of benefits?

Workers’ compensation provides four types of benefits, including:

Medical benefits — These include costs for emergency visits, hospital bills, prescription medications, doctor appointments, treatments, procedures, surgeries, tests, equipment, and physical therapy.

Disability benefits — Disability benefits include monetary reimbursement for lost wages due to time missed from work. This differs based on the employee’s income and has a maximum limit that varies by state.

Rehabilitation benefits — These types of benefits include physical or vocational rehabilitation programs that help injured workers return to work and may include training, educational expenses, ergonomic equipment, therapy equipment, or other services.

Death benefits — If a death occurs due to an incident at work, benefits include coverage for funeral costs and burial expenses, typically paid to the eligible dependents.

At Agile Urgent Care, we care about your health. We provide workers’ compensation services, so you can be sure that you and your business are receiving the care they need when they need it most. Contact us today to book an appointment for workers’ compensation services, or visit our clinic conveniently. We serve patients from Secaucus, NJ, North Bergen NJ, Jersey City NJ, Lyndhurst NJ, West New York NJ, Rutherford NJ, and surrounding areas. We also offer telemedicine services.

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