Urgent Care: 4 Advantages of Choosing Pediatric Over General for Your Kids

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Emergencies are called as such because they occur during inconvenient times. Unfortunately, not every medical facility is equipped to serve 24/7 and since emergencies can happen at any hour, there’s a chance one could occur after the pediatrician’s office is closed. 

Because children often cannot fully explain nor tolerate what they’re feeling at the moment, it is important for you, as a parent/guardian, to bring your child to urgent care as soon as possible. Instead of taking them to general urgent care, though, we recommend going to a Pediatric Urgent Care facility. Here’s why:

Why You Should Choose Pediatric Urgent Care Over General Urgent Care

1. The medical professionals have training in pediatric medicine

Doctors and specialists in urgent care are trained to offer emergency services to people of all ages. This special training takes around three months to complete. In this training, the doctors are introduced to the different care approaches to different illnesses and injuries and how they vary according to age group. A pediatric specialist, on the other hand, specializes in working with children. 

The emergency needs of a child are different from that of an adult. The same is true when it comes to injury treatment. The bones of a child are growing and they are not the same as that of adults. Although doctors and specialists from general urgent care are also trained, working around growing bones of children requires specialized and focused training. A pediatric specialist is a reliable person to help with your child’s injury and other special needs.

2. Urgent care professionals set limitations

Pediatric Urgent Care does not accommodate other general wellness exams like school and sports physicals, immunization, and chronic disease management. It can be a service limitation, but PUCs know how serious these exams are and how important it is for the primary pediatricians to be personally involved in these tests or services. 

3. Pediatric professionals are careful with medication

Brain development is still taking place during adolescence. No matter what injury or urgent emergency they need, general doctors and specialists need to be careful with their medication dosage and recommendations. Pediatric specialists are knowledgeable of the dos and don’ts when it comes to children’s medication prescriptions. They know what medicines are effective and more importantly, what among them are tolerable by children. 

Expect your pediatric specialists to also discuss the different effects and proper dosage of the over-the-counter medications for children. Counseling parents about the things they need to be aware of are part of the training they received.

4. Pediatric Urgent Care facilities are equipped for children

Since Pediatric Urgent Care facilities are focused on children, you should not worry about the equipment and rooms you’ll see inside. There are special waiting rooms to help the kids relax and feel at ease. Most, if not all, of the equipment you’ll see inside, are created for children. The weighing scale, blood pressure cuffs, and even the x-ray machine will be specially made for pediatric care, as will the beds and rooms. This ensures your child gets the best care with equipment fit for them. 


When it comes to your children’s health, there’s no time for waste. Every moment is important especially in times of emergency. When something went wrong after clinic hours, you can always consider bringing your child to a Pediatric Urgent Care. The medical professionals here are specially trained to meet your standards.

For your urgent care needs, visit walk-in our clinic in New Jersey. We are a medical facility providing affordable, convenient, and quality service for clients and especially for children who need our pediatric Care services!

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