The Value of Working With an Acute Care Physical Therapist

acute care physical therapist

Over the years, the standard for cutting-edge healthcare has remained as high as ever, thanks to the advent of technology and the growing presence of revolutionary treatments. As a patient, this same development will prove to be a good sign because you can look forward to having a better experience, no matter what condition you’re dealing with, including acute health issues.

Insight into the overwhelming nature of acute health issues

Suppose you’ve ever had a persistent or recurring acute health issue in your life. In that case, you’re likely familiar with how the growing inconveniences of such conditions can severely affect your quality of life.

As you continue to deal with the sudden and serious onset of medical conditions or injuries, things can become quite overwhelming because of how serious it can all get. In the case of serious musculoskeletal, cardiological, and neurological conditions, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, or strokes, the resulting experience can be even more difficult to deal with.

When you find yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with an acute health issue, you’ll eventually need some help with getting back on your feet. Like any other acutely ill patient looking to move past such a difficult experience, you’ll probably be more focused on working with various professionals like doctors, nurses, and specialists. Among the different healthcare experts who will help you work during your recovery, there’s one specific professional who can make the biggest difference: an acute care physical therapist.

The advantages of working with an acute care physical therapist

While there are many other professionals who will play a key role in your progress and long-term recovery, specialized physical therapists are especially vital because of the difference they make. Admittedly, most recovering acute health issue patients don’t understand the importance of working with these professionals because they don’t know what they do in the first place.

If this is your first time dealing with an acute sickness that will require you to work with an acute care physical therapist, here are the various benefits worth considering:

1. Prevention of complications caused by hospitalizations

Considering that acutely-ill patients are prone to experiencing complications like weakness and mobility issues caused by hospitalization, it’s vital to get all the help you need to avoid harmful long-term outcomes. With quick actions from an acute care PT, you can eliminate or minimize the presence of such complications, since doing so will optimize your mobility and strength during (and after) your stay.

2. Improved recovery periods and higher chances of a return to normal mobility

Whenever you’re hospitalized for an acute condition, you may face the risk of having your functional mobility compromised post-hospitalization because of the implications a condition may pose.

No matter if it’s a potential paralysis caused by a stroke or long-term disability from a serious fracture, your chances of returning to a state of pre-hospitalization mobility diminish when you don’t get help. However, enlisting the help of an acute care PT will help you get back on track because they will:

  • Perform an evaluation to best assess your chances of a full recovery and establish any precautions that must be taken.
  • Create an individualized plan to improve your strength and physical function to help you safely become independent and decrease your time spent in the hospital.
  • Educate you and your caregiver on better discharge planning with the help of strategies to manage your physical activity after you leave the hospital.


Dealing with an acute condition that puts you in the hospital is a challenging predicament that will call for proper proactive treatments and careful planning. This is why you must only work with a skilled acute care physical therapist. With the help of these trained professionals, your chances of making a full recovery and returning to your best shape will be fully heightened so that you can enjoy a better life long after confinement!

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