How to Use Urgent Care for Worker’s Compensation

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No matter what industry you’re in, there is always a chance that an employee might get hurt on the job. When this happens, employers need to file plenty of things like workers’ compensation claims. They also must manage everything related to the injury and accident. It is not only challenging for you as an employer; it’s tough, costly, and time-consuming for everyone else involved.

For that reason, many employers and workplaces scout for an occupational health provider to help with the compensation claims of their employees. While it seems like the process is easy enough, there are plenty of considerations to be made beyond their basic services.

Medical providers can differ in their approach to workman’s comp. One occupational health provider can take actions equal in dollars lost, and another provider may take actions that can result in dollars lost.

So how does one choose?

Look Beyond Basic Requirements

It is no secret that occupational health providers that work under an urgent care or immediate care service center should be qualified to diagnose and provide excellent patient care. The one thing that they should be able to do is to do these things as safely and quickly as possible.

These health care providers need to be prepared to treat and help any work-related injuries, which include, but are not limited to, fracture care, sprains, and strains, or puncture wounds.

Urgent care centers should also be able to treat a high volume of patients at a time. If a patient is exhibiting a different behavior because of the injury or illness, they should be able to tell how to fix it.

Things to Consider With Workers Comp Through Urgent Care

Workers’ compensation laws will cover work-related injury or illness. That does not mean that it has to occur during work hours or in the workplace. If an employee was sent to do something outside of the office to do office work and gets into an accident, then the laws still apply.

When one is looking for an occupational health provider, there are some things that they will need to answer.

For one, will the provider be capable of treating work-related injuries and illnesses? Jobs like construction work and repair work could need some medical experts in muscles, broken bones, and other related physical injuries that come with the risks of the job.

Another thing to ask is if they have adequate enough experience to help out injuries or illnesses that can come up often with the company. Experience matters when it comes to treating conditions.

Lastly, ask more about the details of their workers comp services. Does it save time and money by taking care of procedures by themselves?

It is essential to be inquisitive and straightforward when looking for a provider for a whole company.


Personal injuries at work are tough situations that the company is partially liable for. As an employer, this is always something that you have to be concerned about not only for the sake of the company, but for the sake of your employees as individuals as well.

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