Why You Should Hold a Drug & Alcohol Test at Work

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Any business needs to maintain a healthy environment where employees can work together in peace. Having the right set of rules to follow keeps everyone capable of pushing through with their duties without fear of getting hobbled with sickness. Apart from the rules about maintaining sanitation and cleanliness, there are, of course, rules to be followed regarding prohibited substances.

Drugs and alcohol are vices that should not be tolerated in the workplace. They hold significant effects on people’s mental, physical, and emotional health that could cause unwanted incidents over time.

Even if employees take drugs or drink alcohol when they’re off-duty, the effects can still last the next day when they’re expected to go to work again. There will be consequences which could have them end up losing their job. 

Keep reading below to find out reasons to encourage a drug and alcohol screening test at work.

It Encourages a Safe Working Environment

Employees deserve to be in a place where they can work without worrying about their security. All companies should implement policies prioritizing everyone’s health and safety, including drug and alcohol bans. 

When there are rules in place, people can expect fewer accidents to occur. If staff walked around freely while they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they’re less likely to finish their tasks and can cause disruption to the people around them.

It Improves the Quality of Work

It takes commitment and your time of the day to choose and hire the right staff who will support the growth of the business. In addition, you will need to have them undergo screening to ensure you’re making the best decision. 

It would help if you initiated a drug and alcohol exam before your newly hired employees come to work to determine if they have vices that could affect their stay in the company. Besides that, you should also include routine exams for your staff to guarantee no one’s thinking of putting your business and their co-workers in danger.

It Reduces Health Insurance Costs

If you want to improve your chances of acquiring excellent coverage for everyone in the company, you will need to prove that you have a firm Drug and Alcohol policy. It can be implemented through screening tests to keep your staff healthy and vice-free.

A business with low rates of drug and alcohol-related situations can expect your insurance to be more affordable. More often than not, insurance firms like to see Drug and Alcohol programs being utilized in the workplace.  

It Minimizes Employee Turnover

By establishing the need for candidates to go through drug and alcohol testing before they become hired, you can minimize the risk of gaining a new employee that can bring problems in the future. That way, you don’t have to find yourself firing staff and putting up a new job posting in search of a replacement all the time.

A drug and alcohol screening during pre-employment can keep your business from attracting the wrong people who may not be beneficial to you in the long run. Since they might end up affecting your workforce, it’s best to be careful and choose your employees wisely.


Organizing a drug and alcohol exam in the workplace is integral, especially if you want your company to succeed and keep any potential problems from occurring. The screening encourages a safe environment, improves the quality of work, reduces health insurance costs, and minimizes employee turnover, leading to a successful company. 

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