Why Urgent Care Centers Are Better Than Emergency Rooms

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With the state of world health right now, having an urgent care center nearby can be a comforting thought. Did you know that there are only around 7,000 urgent care centers in the US? That’s not even half the number of McDonald’s outlets in the country.

The necessity of an adult urgent care clinic is dire. Urgent care centers are immediate care options because of the low cost versus the cost you have to pay at emergency rooms. On average, an adult care clinic will only cost you $150 per visit. Emergency units, on the other hand, will cost a person over $1,300 on average.

If it’s your first time hearing about urgent care centers, here are some commonly asked questions that’ll help you understand urgent care center facilities and services:

Why should I go to an urgent care center instead?

If your medical emergency is non-life threatening, you should proceed to an adult urgent care clinic instead of the hospital’s emergency wing. Urgent care centers are bridges that link you and emergency room services. Most importantly, an urgent care center will connect you to your primary care physician immediately. No waiting in line or scheduling appointments.

How much does an urgent care clinic charge?

It depends on the level of emergency and the facilities used to diagnose and treat the medical condition. However, on average, and after your co-pay, the treatment should only cost $150. That amount is much lower than paying the amount paid for emergency room treatments. If you’re not mindful about where you take your medical emergency, you will end up in the emergency wing of a hospital, paying thousands of dollars for an easy to treat medical condition.

Do urgent care centers take insurance?

Yes, they do. The best part is—and this cannot be stressed enough—the cost is so much cheaper than getting medical treatment from the hospital’s emergency wing. The primary purpose of an urgent care center is to provide affordable and immediate treatment for patients. However, you still have to make sure that your insurance company is tied up with an urgent care facility near you. 

Do I need to wait in a long queue to be able to get the urgent care I need?

The best part of urgent care centers is that there is no long queue. It’s very convenient to get medical treatment from urgent care centers. You don’t even need to bring your medical records because most urgent care centers have an EMR system where your medical history appears on the computer in less than a minute. This helps the physicians assess your medical emergency thoroughly so that they can give the appropriate care.  


An urgent care center is the best option for non-life threatening medical emergencies. They cost less than emergency wings, and you can avail of their services in the most convenient way imaginable. Moreover, they have an EMR system that helps physicians deliver the care you deserve quicker. 

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