Why Do Companies Need to Do Drug Tests? Here’s the Answer

drug testing

Drug testing is a complex topic to communicate to many people, especially employees that need to go through it. They may believe that it can have a negative impact on their employment or it is just a way to protect the company. It’s far more than that in actuality.

Workplace drug testing has the potential to significantly improve workplace health and safety. In this post, we’ll go through some of the reasons why your employer could ask you to undergo a drug test.

Ensured Safety

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for their workers. Unfortunately, those who use drugs can potentially jeopardize the company’s effectiveness and the safety of other employees. 

Those who abuse alcohol or drugs are more likely to endanger their coworkers’ safety. Moreover, those who use illicit narcotics are likely to be less productive than their peers and impact team morale and cooperation.

Identify those Using Drugs

Employers who demand drug testing as part of the hiring process remove the possibility of hiring persons who use illicit drugs or misuse other substances. Substance addiction issues have an undeniable impact on an employee’s productivity at work. If they wish not to hire someone for this reason, they can also assist in rehabilitating them. The same goes for those people who are already working for that company. A drug test works both ways. 

Protection of Business Image

Customers may be hesitant to purchase from or even support a company if they find out that staff and employees are taking drugs. It may even deter investors, leaving the company without a source of revenue. 

A similar inquiry will be conducted if someone is hurt due to the acts of a drug-abusing employee. Business owners must also consider the impact of litigation like this on their company’s reputation.

What Should An Employer Consider When Doing a Drug Test?

While there are several advantages to performing a workplace drug test, certain basic ethical standards must be followed to keep from violating an employee’s rights. Informed permission should be given, and employees should be aware of an upcoming drug test. The workers’ privacy and any personal circumstances that may have prompted their drug usage must be carefully examined. Traumatic life events, the recent loss of a loved one, and a difficult job environment are among them.

What Should An Employer Do If a Test Comes Out Positive?

Employees who use drugs require assistance, which they may not receive without drug testing. Many individuals believe that drug testing is employed to eject anyone who is caught using an illicit substance. In most firms, however, this is not the case.

Companies should do a follow-up test to ensure that the results are accurate. They should also ensure that the employee receives the assistance they require. They could arrange therapy or rehabilitation to help them recover. Companies may be able to preserve an employee’s life and career by doing so.


There’s no doubt that workplace drug testing is a reliable and objective approach to determine the truth about a person’s drug use. It should ideally be utilized to improve the health and safety of both employees and their clients and customers. They should not be used to further isolate drug users by preventing them from finding work or receiving rehabilitation or assistance.

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