Why Agile?

Why choose Agile Urgent Care in Secaucus, NJ

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We take a patient-centered approach to our work

The staff of Agile Urgent Care prides itself on providing compassionate, affordable and immediate medical care to its valued patients. Our staff of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners works together to diagnose and treat your common illnesses and non life-threatening injuries. In fact, our team can handle anything from the common cold to broken bones and most everything in between. They can also prescribe medicine and administer the vaccinations you need. And if you require specialty care, they can direct you to the best specialists.

We offer extended hours and flexible appointments

We know that illness and injury don’t occur on a set schedule, so we offer extended hours; for your convenience, we are open late on weekday evenings and weekends, 365 days a year. Our late hours will enable you to fit routine checkups or physicals into your busy schedule because there’s no need for an appointment. Simply walk in at a time that’s best for you.

We are an affordable facility, and billing issues are handled with care

We accept most commercial insurance plans and we offer affordable, straightforward pricing for those who lack insurance. Our fees are more affordable than those for standard emergency room care. And should a problem arise with an insurance company, we’ll never put you in the middle or expect you to sort things out.

We handle physical and occupational therapy

At Agile Urgent Care our physical therapists work collaboratively with their patients and treatment plans are designed for each person’s individual goals. This is especially true with worker’s compensation cases, where we collaborate with the patient and communicate clearly with the employer.

We utilize the best and latest technology

Agile Urgent Care has made significant investments in diagnostic equipment and technical solutions. We have an X-ray machine and a lab on-site. We are also fully equipped with innovative software solutions and apps, such as an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution that works on any internet-connected device. This enables you (or your doctor’s office) to add information to your profile and update us about your health status.

COVID- 19 Testing

PCR & Rapid Tests Available

Agile Urgent Care is pleased to provide COVID-19 testing BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during this time of great need. To schedule your test, please click the button below.

Are you getting tested on behalf of a company?