What to Inquire Your Pediatrician About Regarding COVID-19


Although it’s been months and months into the COVID-19 pandemic, not much can ease a parent’s worry about their kid and the possibility of them getting the virus. The effects that it has caused all across the globe, especially to children everywhere, are just something that can fuel that paranoia.

What can help with calming those fears is preparation and knowledge about what you’re dealing with. There may be plenty of fake information out on the market, so do tread carefully and just get trusted advice. Next time you’re popping by a visit to the pediatrician with your kid, don’t hesitate to ask a couple of questions.

If you’re unsure about what you should inquire about and know about regarding COVID-19 in children, keep reading this guide to learn more.

Recognizing COVID-19 in Kids

Parents should keep a watchful eye on their kids to observe whether there are any COVID-19 symptoms showing up. Ask regularly about how they’re feeling to gauge whether they may have it. Some signs may come more subtly, like fatigue and loss of taste or smell. 

That being said, though, certain COVID-19 symptoms are synonymous with many other indicators of various diseases and allergies, like coughing, fever, and more. If you see a combination of these symptoms though, it may be best to have a pediatrician assess them. 

Understanding Your Kid’s Vulnerability

Although statistics show that children who have had COVID-19 only make up a little over 10% of the overall cases, kids are still found to be at risk of contracting the virus. The data does suggest that adults are somewhat more vulnerable.

However, do keep in mind that how susceptible your kid is to get COVID-19 can also depend on their own health condition and immune system. If they have any medical conditions that may make them more susceptible to being immunocompromised or deficient, keep them isolated.

Coming to Terms about What You Can Do

It can be upsetting for plenty of parents that they won’t be able to have full control over the whole environment their kids are in, but you can still take some precautions to keep them safe from COVID-19. Keep them and play with them indoors instead of heading outside.

The current COVID-19 vaccines haven’t been approved for younger children yet, but do consider getting injections for other viruses like the flu. Protecting your child and their immune system should be at the top of your mind right now.

Learning What to Do in Case of Symptoms

In case your child does end up experiencing the symptoms, do take them to urgent care to test them for COVID-19. Seek out pediatric advice in order to know how you should be taking care of your kid.

If your child tests negative for COVID-19, get a diagnosis of what their actual disease is. If they test positive, be sure to undergo quarantine and allow them to rest. If you need other healthcare services along the way in case of an emergency, don’t hesitate to bring your kid in. 


COVID-19 can still be as scary and nerve-wracking for you and your family, even if a lot of time has passed. Listening to medical professionals and seeking out care when needed is one of the best ways to cope with these trying times.

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