Pediatric Care

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Children's Care

Statistics show that children under six years of age represent a major portion of emergency room patients; yet up to 71% of these visits are of a non-emergency nature. Ask any parent about pediatric urgent care and they’ll tell you children have an odd habit of getting sick or injured outside standard doctor’s hours, which is why they often end up in emergency rooms. Now, Agile Urgent Care, a pediatric urgent care center, gives you an alternative to costly and drawn out emergency room visits that can take you months or years to pay off, even with insurance coverage. That’s because there is a fundamental difference between the goals and focus of Emergency Rooms and those of Urgent Care centers. Emergency rooms focus on the treatment and management of severely ill or injured patients, especially those whose condition is potentially life-threatening. In contrast, pediatric urgent care centers offer acute assessments, management and treatment of moderately sick or injured kids with an emphasis on rapid service at a low cost.

So what do you do when you need after-hours urgent care for kids? Do you take your children to the Emergency Room, or do you risk waiting until the doctor’s office opens in the morning? Fortunately, there’s a third option: Agile Urgent Care, a state-of-the-art pediatric urgent care center in Secaucus, New Jersey, that offers quality urgent care for kids. In fact, Pediatric urgent care in New Jersey has never been this accessible.

So if your child is sick or injured, and your pediatrician or family care physician’s office is closed, Agile Urgent Care is ready for your pediatric urgent care needs:

We are the perfect fit for your child’s urgent care issues, no matter when they occur or how often.

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COVID- 19 Testing

PCR & Rapid Tests Available

Agile Urgent Care is pleased to provide COVID-19 testing BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during this time of great need. To schedule your test, please click the button below.

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