Drug & Alcohol Testing

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When you need to know

Agile Urgent Care contracts with companies to offer a full range of alcohol and drug screenings.These include pre-employment tests, random, suspicious and post automobile accident tests. At our facility, we have the ability to perform 5-panel to 12-panel drug tests.

These drug tests can detect:

The screening for the presence of alcohol and the kinds of drugs listed above is becoming increasingly important in the workplace and other locations. The impact of improper alcohol and other recreational drug use can pose a serious risk to the general health, safety and productivity in the workplace. These are some of the reasons a drug test is necessary.

Why conduct a drug test or alcohol test at your workplace?

Improve Productivity
Improve Safety in the Workplace
Cost Savings

When do alcohol and drug screenings usually take place?

The frequency and timings of a drug test typically depend on the employer and local regulations. Employers may request drug and alcohol screening in these situations:

Why choose Agile Urgent Care for a drug test?

Agile Urgent Care strives to support and assist employers in maintaining a safe workplace by offering drug tests and alcohol screeninga in a considerate and professional manner. Medical providers at Agile Urgent Care offer immediate and on-site screenings to meet the needs of its corporate customers, and they are skilled at the handling and processing of specimens. Our alcohol and drug test services cover pre-employment, random or for cause testing and extend to instant or laboratory department processing.

Alcohol and drug testing have become the latest standard in hiring employees and continuation of employment. Agile Urgent Care offers complete testing to ensure the workplace is safe and to prevent the hiring of those that abuse drugs or alcohol.

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COVID- 19 Testing

PCR & Rapid Tests Available

Agile Urgent Care is pleased to provide COVID-19 testing BY APPOINTMENT ONLY during this time of great need. To schedule your test, please click the button below.

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