Sexual Health 101: Everything You Need to Know About STDs


Humans are sexual beings by nature. Some would even say that it’s a biological need since sexual intercourse can produce new life. However, it’s crucial to practice safe sex to avoid negative consequences, such as unwanted pregnancies, unplanned parenthood, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

STDs are also called sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They are commonly caused by sexual contact, especially during unprotected sexual intercourse. STDs don’t always have symptoms, but they can manifest in the form of sores and bumps in the genital area, burning sensation while urinating, unfamiliar genital discharge, painful sexual activity, abdominal pain, rash, and fever.

STDs can cause a great deal of pain to the body, and it will take a long time for someone who has them to recover. Regardless, there are some ways to treat an STD, which we will discuss in this article, including its causes, dealing with untreated STDs, and more. Read on below.

What Causes STDs?

Anyone sexually active can get STD when they have sexual intercourse with someone already infected by it. Below are the common reasons you can get STDs:

  • Bacteria – Some of the most typical bacterial STDs are gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis
  • Viruses – Viral STDs include human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), human papillomavirus (HPV), genital herpes, and hepatitis
  • Parasites – The most common STD-causing parasite is the protozoan parasite, which causes trichomoniasis

How to Treat STDs

STDs are treated differently depending on the condition that a person may have. They can apply the following solutions:

Using Antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to treat and cure most bacterial STDs. You can take them in various forms, such as a single injection, pills taken over a few days, or cream that’s applied directly to the affected area. Using antibiotics, you can also manage parasitic STDs.

After getting an antibiotic treatment for STDs, it’s vital to refrain from any sexual activity for the next seven days to guarantee the regimen is completed.

Taking Antiviral Medication

Unfortunately, not all viral STDs are curable. However, antiviral medication can help control the infection. Antiviral medicines depend on the type of STD a person has. They must follow a prescription by the book and note any other special instructions, such as taking vitamin D supplements and drinking plenty of water.

What Happens When You Don’t Treat STDs?

There are times that an STD does not cause any uncomfortable symptoms, so those who have them abstain from sexual activity and don’t consult with a doctor.

An STD is an infection that can spread to other parts of the body if it remains untreated. That alone should be more than enough to push you to get checked right away. If you don’t, you could face some of the following situations:

  • Untreated gonorrhea can lead to damage to the joints
  • Untreated chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which leads to infertility
  • Untreated HPV can result in penile cancer (for men) and oral cancer

It’s also a given fact that you should treat an STD as soon as possible to prevent spreading it to your future sexual partners.

How to Know If Your STD Is Treated

In the same way that you can only find out that you have an STD, the only way to know if your STD is gone is by meeting with your doctor. After undergoing treatments for some time, a doctor will test you for STD. 

If the results show “undetectable viral load,” it means that your STD is reduced down to a point where it’s not detectable by standard blood tests. It means that you won’t be passing the STD on to anyone else. However, it’s essential to note that it doesn’t mean that you’re completely STD-free.


As long as you’re sexually active, you should make it a habit to get tested because it’s the only way to know if you have an STD or not. If you’re positive with an STD, you have to cooperate with your doctor because they know what’s best for you.

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