5 Important Questions to Ask at an Urgent Care Clinic

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Urgent care centers play a pivotal role in the community as it offers immediate medical care for patients in need, so long as the condition isn’t so life-threatening that requires an emergency room. If you can’t contact your doctor right away, but need instant care for your urgent needs, then going to your nearest urgent care center is the best place to go. 

Once you visit an urgent care center in the US, it’s just as important to make the most of your visit by asking relevant questions. The more relevant questions you ask, the more you’ll improve your chances of receiving quality urgent care and taking home important tips you can use for your health. 

What Questions Should You Ask at an Urgent Care Clinic?

1. “Do I Need an Urgent Care Appointment?”

Urgent care clinics are open 12 to 13 hours a day, and in that time, anyone can walk in and don’t have to set up an appointment. However, you do have the choice to call your urgent care center if you’re unsure, especially for specialized services. It also helps to know in advance whether you can make the cutoff for registering, particularly if the urgent care clinic is nearing their closing time. 

2. “What Type of Healthcare Provider Will See Me?” 

If you’re feeling faint or have a cut, swelling, or pain in your body, it’s best to go to urgent care that has a trained healthcare professional on staff that can treat you right away. 

Urgent care centers are typically equipped with a doctor and nurse, though there is other healthcare personnel available, such as medical assistants, x-ray technicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians. 

When it comes to getting treatment, the more healthcare professionals involved in the process, the better.

3. “How Long is the Current Wait Time?”

Urgent care centers typically have a very short wait time compared with a standard office visit. When you’re in an urgent care center, you won’t have to wait for an extended time period for a doctor to see you.

However, urgent care centers also experience plenty of heavy traffic as it registers walk-ins on a first-come, first-served basis, so it’s worth asking how long you should wait. Typically, an urgent care visit can take 60 minutes or less. 

4. “Do You Take My Insurance?”

If you have a health insurance plan of another kind, you’ll need to take that into account. Though your insurance company will reimburse you, just be sure to ask if your urgent care facility is accepting your insurance plan before you make an appointment.

5. “What is my Copay for the Visit?”

Urgent care centers are a bit different in that they charge you directly to receive any services. If you have insurance, you’ll still have to pay a copay, which varies depending on your insurance plan. Copays, like most things in life, also vary depending on your plan, so it’s worth asking what your copay is. 

Most insurance plans require you to visit the emergency room in case you need things like stitches, lab work, and other treatments, so it’s worth having a copay for the urgent care visit so you don’t have to decide whether to visit the urgent care center vs. the emergency room for your pain.

The Bottom Line: Maximizing Your Urgent Care Visit with the Right Set of Questions

Trained healthcare professionals can make sure you receive quality urgent care, which is why it’s more important than ever to ask the right questions at an urgent care center.

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