4 Things You Can Do to Prevent Suffering from a UTI

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A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a health problem that can be bothersome, irritating, and downright painful. Unfortunately, this condition is quite common, affecting children, men, and women regardless of age. 

UTIs occur when bacteria enter the urinary system. There are so many ways that this can happen, but thankfully, this type of disease is very easy to avoid. If you want to keep yourself comfortable and safe, here are five easy ways to do so.

1. Avoid Using Harmful Feminine Products

Chemicals are always harmful and most feminine products contain a lot of these harsh substances. When you use feminine products with strong ingredients, you might irritate your urethra, which will increase the chances of getting an infection.

Despite what’s advertised, many feminine products aren’t really that kind to vaginal health, even leading to imbalances in the natural pH levels. Some of these products include deodorants, colognes, fragrances, and scented powders. Continuous use may lead to harmful microorganisms produced in the body, even E. coli.

2. Drink Cranberry Juice and Take Probiotics

If you are looking for ways to improve urinary health by adding something nutritious to your diet, cranberry juice is the best choice. According to studies involving cranberry juice, there are proanthocyanidin compounds in berries that make it difficult for bacteria to survive in the urinary tract.

Additionally, probiotics are very important. Yes, they are bacteria, but not all bacteria are harmful to your health, including vaginal bacteria. A lack of probiotic presence can be harmful, so if you work on adding probiotics to your diet, you will be at a lower risk.

3. Wipe Front to Back

It might be a simple habit, but the way you wipe after going to the restroom can significantly affect your vaginal health. So, you must avoid wiping back to front to prevent bacteria from getting into your urethra, the body part where urine passes through.

If you wipe from front to back, you reduce the chances of infection to your urinary system as you avoid exposure to harmful bacteria. So, better be cautious in your restroom behavior, especially if you are experiencing diarrhea or similar digestive problems.

4. Make Sure You Are Well-Hydrated

Many people contract UTIs because of one simple thing—they are dehydrated. Make sure that you make water a regular part of your daily routine. Eight glasses of water a day is often the recommended amount for healthy adults. When you stay hydrated, you will be able to have a healthy urinary schedule and protect your urinary tract.

If you think eight glasses of water is impossible for you, you can consider mixing up beverages so you can stay hydrated. For instance, you can pick out herbal tea, smoothies, or some fruit juice.

However, remember one thing. When the time comes that you feel the urge to urinate, don’t try to hold it in. If you resist going and you hesitate to go, you just open more doors for bacteria to grow and multiply in your urethra. 

Final Thoughts

Urinary tract infections are harmful and painful, making life quite difficult if you suffer from these problems. However, if you focus on these health practices, you will be able to keep UTIs away. 

In case you are suffering from a UTI, there’s always a solution for you. Go to your trusted medical professional at an urgent care facility to get the proper treatment. Here at Agile Urgent Care, we offer full-service medical treatments through high-quality facilities. Call us today to book an appointment.

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