The Importance of Physical Therapy to Injury Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Not many people may know of this, but physical therapy has various benefits in injury rehabilitation. Even though injuries may be quite common, some of them can be quite severe and lead to a lot of pain and discomfort. When a person has it, they may have to deal with a lot of painkillers. In order for a person to be able to get back to normal, it is important for them to get to a physical therapist so they can be able to recover faster.

Below are just a few of their known benefits in the long run.

1. They Help Speed-Up Recovery

When it comes to recovering from an injury such as shoulder surgery, a lower back injury, or any other type of athletic injury, physical therapy can help reduce the time it takes for a patient to recover. Physical therapists understand the human body and how to rebuild muscle and restore mobility. In fact, they can get an athlete back on the court or field just as easily as they can help their average patient.

Apart from simply performing exercises, they also go out of their way to teach the patient methods on how they can avoid injuries in the future.

2. They Help Restore Mobility

Any time athletes or patients injure themselves, their range of motion is usually limited for a short period of time. It could take weeks for patients with shoulder injuries to rotate or lift their arms over their heads. Physical therapists know to use certain exercises to help a patient regain mobility after an injury.

When an athlete hurts a knee or shoulder, a physical therapist might order weight-lifting, stretching, and walking in order to improve mobility. If an athlete or patient has trouble standing up and walking, physical therapy can help them through specific exercises intended to increase mobility.

3. They Help Mitigate the Pain

Pain from an injury is arguably the worst part of the experience, whether it comes within hours, days, weeks, or even months. Physical therapy can help reduce pain, making the time you spend recovering your health and strength a little less miserable. Your physical therapist will create a specialized pain-reduction plan for you, complete with stretching and strengthening exercises.

In addition to these techniques, other methods such as total motion therapy can help with pain when you have soft tissue injuries or joint pain from an accident.

4. They Help Prevent Future Injuries

According to one study, an injured athlete has a higher chance of re-injuring the same body part than an uninjured athlete. However, these risks are significantly reduced when a physical therapist accompanies an athlete. Physical therapists are not only there to help recover from injuries but also to train the affected body part to avoid future injuries.

As with most sports injuries, accidents are often caused by unexpected stress on the body or repetitive motions. Physical therapists are trained to strengthen the injured bone or muscle so that it can be better prepared for unexpected stress or repetitive motions.


Injuries are very common in a lot of different sporting activities, and physical therapy for injuries is a great way for athletes to get back to better shape. In essence, physical therapy can help improve the quality of life of our loved ones, especially those who may need to recover from serious injury or illness.

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