Where Should People Go To For Kid’s Health Emergencies?


As much as possible, parents encourage kids to learn by exploring the outdoors. However, exploring comes with risks like accidents that may need expert medical care. But during emergencies, where should parents bring their children to receive the care they need—in urgent care or an emergency room? Here are some ideas.

The Difference Between Urgent Care and Emergency Room

Urgent care centers, often called walk-in or quick-care clinics, are a great place for children to go for minor issues. It’s a place for children to go when they need a quick solution for something like a rash, cold, or earaches.

Kids also love urgent care because of the fun themes and characters used for decoration. Along with the comfy waiting areas, urgent care centers benefit from being located in a mall or other gathering places where kids can see their friends and play.

An emergency room (ER) is another good place to take children, but it isn’t always the best place to go. Most parents understand that an emergency room is used for severe medical conditions. However, many parents don’t realize that urgent care is better for less severe issues.

Benefits of Seeking Medical Help From Urgent Care Centers

Some parents are concerned that urgent care centers don’t have the medical equipment to diagnose and treat their children properly. However, most urgent care centers are now equipped to X-ray children and perform several other diagnostic tests.

The urgent care center staff is also available 24/7, which is often a requirement for pediatricians. Plus, urgent care centers also work with pediatricians, so your child’s doctor can review the records and advise you.

One other advantage of going to urgent care is that the bill will be less than going to an ER. It might be the best option for people seeking the most affordable ways to get the medical help they might need at the moment

The Usual Health Conditions Treated in an Urgent Care Center

Although as accessible as an emergency room, urgent care centers can only cater to some health issues. Not because they do not have the correct tools or have the doctors to help, but because some health issues may need more tests provided by an emergency room in a hospital. However, there is still a list of conditions urgent care clinics can accommodate:

1. Coughs

There are common colds, but other respiratory issues like coughs are also common. Coughs are often dismissed, but this can lead to a more severe infection. Sometimes, an infection leads to pneumonitis or perhaps a lung abscess. If a cough is a result of asthma, it can get worse. The proper treatment can hopefully save a life.

2. Swallowed Foreign Objects

Whether it be a coin, a toy, a button, or a pen, swallowed foreign objects are dangerous and can cause severe conditions if not detected and treated in the right way. These objects can cause choking, inflammation, infection, and even perforation of the esophagus.

3. Minor Cuts

Cuts and scratches may seem minor, but they can be severe. Wounds can be excruciating and may bleed a lot. It can also lead to more severe problems like infections.


With the high cost of healthcare, going to urgent care for something simple can save money and get the same result. But remember, urgent care centers do not provide the same full range of maintenance as an emergency room. Always seek medical help for any kind of emergency.

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