ENT Conditions: Handling Your Child’s Ear Infection

kids touching their ears

Young children are more prone to illnesses due to their developing immune systems and physical limitations. Parents must be extra cautious about their child’s surroundings. Any contaminants that are an inconvenience to adults can be harmful to children with much more vulnerable bodies. Although it’s uncommon in older children and adults, an ear infection is typical for children ages 6 to 24 months old. Thankfully ear infections are fairly easy to diagnose and treat.

Identifying the symptoms of ear infection

Blockage from the space behind the eardrum is usually what creates the physical pain your child experiences. This can come from a cold or other condition that affects the sinuses, causing the ear’s internal canal to be blocked off and fill the middle ear with fluid. Over time, bacteria can grow and irritate your child’s ear.

It’s vital to identify your child’s source of pain to know what’s potentially wrong with them. Chronic or intermittent pain from an ear infection isn’t the only symptom you should consider. Your child can also experience poor balance, hearing loss, or leaking fluids from either ear. Additionally, infants in pain can tug at their ears since they can’t correctly verbalize their discomfort.

Performing the right emergency response

Thankfully, common ear infections aren’t severe and can resolve themselves within a day. Some home treatments and over-the-counter pain relievers are enough to reduce the pain and swelling. A warm compress or heating pad on the ear can be a simple yet effective way to calm your child. Taking Ibuprofen in the right doses is also a viable method for pain management. Most importantly, keeping your child at home with plenty of rest will prevent them from irritating their ear further.

An accurate diagnosis ensures that you’re giving the right treatment to your child. If the solutions above can’t remedy your child’s condition, you may be dealing with something more severe than a simple ear infection.

Finding the appropriate diagnosis

Having pain or discomfort in one’s ears doesn’t always equate to an ear infection. Sometimes, the simple cause is a mere wax build-up, which has similar symptoms to ear infections. It can cause temporary hearing loss, ear sensitivity, and even a consistent ringing in the ears. Besides wax build-up, temporary ear pain can also come from trapped water or shampoo in the other. Occasionally, an infected tooth can also manifest as ear pain.

Besides these other potential causes, ear pain can also be symptomatic of a much dangerous condition. If your child exhibits signs of weakness, high fever, extreme headaches, or seizures, it’s best to visit an emergency clinic immediately. Remember that the younger your child is, the more they need to seek urgent medical attention.


Children in their younger years tend to be more reckless and adventurous since they’re developing their motor and mental skill sets. This can cause them to have painful experiences due to negligence or curiosity. Sometimes, it can lead to minor cuts and bruises from falling or tripping. However, it can also lead to slightly more complex ailments.

It’s essential to understand your child’s condition, even if they don’t have the full faculties for describing their sickness. Building your communication skills and being familiar with common symptoms will give you the advantage to provide the correct response for them. However, not all parents can be experts at diagnosing a medical emergency.

Delaying treatment for your child’s condition can lead to severe medical complications. This is why it’s necessary to confirm your diagnosis and receive the appropriate treatment for them immediately. Visit our branches today if you’re looking for an urgent care center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

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