What You Should Know About Migraines While Pregnant

woman with migraine

Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing as you look forward to bringing new life into the world. However, it can be quite the process to deal with everything that comes before that. There are so many symptoms and effects, a few new kinds of pain that you may not have gone through in the past.

Migraine headaches are somewhat common for adults, and there are also times where kids can experience them. However, the feeling of a migraine can be intensified for those who are expecting. Here’s a short guide about what you should know about this headache while pregnant.

What Triggers Migraines?

Migraines can be triggered by a variety of things, such as food consumption. Sometimes migraines can come about because of beverages such as coffee or hot chocolate. Some may experience it while eating dishes with MSG. There are also cases wherein they can happen because of an external factor, like noise, temperatures, and the environment they are in.

When migraines are triggered, that usually means that there are changes in the nervous system and the brain as the blood flow is compromised. Studies show that over-excited brain cells can often be the cause of the pain response the body creates. This is even more evident in those who have estrogen and are pregnant.

How Can I Deal With Migraines?

Dealing with a migraine depends on the intensity of the migraine, as some can be worse than others. It’s recommended to keep a daily log of when they occur and what might have caused the migraine to occur. That information can then help a pregnant person avoid the triggers.

A general rule when it comes to migraines is that the person experiencing them should get plenty of rest and stick to a regular schedule where they can just relax. Hydrating daily and keeping a good rotation of food that won’t trigger the migraine is quite important too.

What Are the Solutions for Migraines?

The best solution for migraines is medication. However, it’s important to assess what exactly should be taken, especially while pregnant. Be sure to consult a medical professional who will be able to review the best medicine while taking into consideration the impact it may make.

When one starts to get their first signs of consecutive migraines, many suggest trying an acute migraine treatment. This treatment plan should be able to help you remove the effects of a migraine even while pregnant. It’s safe to move onto preventative measures later on. 

Where Can You Go For Treatments?

For non-emergency consultations and treatments, it’s best to go to a medical facility that has been designed to provide urgent adult care. Doctors and nurses should be able to take into consideration your pregnancy and diagnose your current condition.

Upon diagnosis, they should be able to prescribe you the next best steps to take in tackling those headaches. Even if you don’t have migraines yet, you can also discuss what preventive plans you can take up in order to avoid getting them while pregnant.


Remember, you don’t have to suffer through the migraines and let them be. Although they’re a part of pregnancy, you can help remove some of the effects and improve the quality of your life. That way, you’re in a better headspace as you excitedly wait to meet your new kid.

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