4 Tips to Help You Quickly Recover from Stomach Flu

drink water

Stomach flu, also known as viral gastroenteritis, is a contagious intestinal infection caused by a variety of viruses from contaminated food or drinks. It can also be caused by bacteria, although such cases are less common. Regardless, dealing with stomach flu is never a fun experience. With symptoms like vomiting and stomach cramps, it can hinder a person’s day-to-day activities.

Fortunately, these symptoms do not last long, and many individuals recover within a few days without any other issues. In fact, one can let the infection run its course and expect it to disappear after a while. However, knowing how to treat it for quicker recovery is a great way to bounce back to normal faster.

If you are dealing with stomach flu or want to prepare yourself for it, here are a few things you can do to treat it.

Get plenty of rest

 When you have stomach flu, you will feel exhausted. That is because your body is using its energy to fight the infection and recover. Because of this, you must take plenty of rest, such as getting plenty of sleep and taking breaks throughout the day. This will help your body effectively target the infection with its immune system.

 Eat the right food

Stomach flu can reduce your appetite to the point that you may end up not eating anything. Despite that, you should still eat enough food and drink enough water. However, there are some things that you should avoid.

For example, you should avoid food that has plenty of fiber, acidic foods, fatty foods, or dairy products. They can lead to diarrhea, worsening the ordeal. Instead, drink diluted fruit juices and sports drinks, and opt for soups and broths once your symptoms improve.

Drink lots of water

If your symptoms include diarrhea, you can expect to lose a lot of fluids. You must replace that water because your body needs it to function properly. For that reason, you should do your best to drink plenty of clean, drinking water.

If you cannot keep your drinks down, try and suck on some ice chips. Avoid drinks with caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. They can interfere with the recovery process and make you more dehydrated.

Take over-the-counter medication

Keep in mind that there are no drugs that can cure stomach flu. This is because a virus is generally immune to drugs. However, you can take medications to address the symptoms. For instance, you can take ibuprofen to address stomach pains. You can also take anti-diarrhea meds to address diarrhea.

Remember that you should not overdo it with the medication, as your organs are dehydrated and you would not want to overwork them.


Stomach flu is never fun to deal with. It is also unfortunate to know that there is no real cure for it. The only positive side of stomach flu is that, in most cases, it disappears within a few days. 

However, those few days can be quite tormenting, and that is why you should try your best to follow the tips we have shared. They will help you recover faster and make the process of healing a lot more comfortable.

If the symptoms do not seem to improve, visit an urgent care clinic for help. They will identify ways to help you ease the pain and recover quickly.

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